Fashion has always been a cornerstone of the community. Regardless of income level or socio-economic status, apparel and the style of such has served as confidence builders and the ensemble worn has spoken for the individual. The goal of SockClout is to specialize in an area and infiltrate it by mending it to our mantra.


The mantra is to be bold and we feel socks capture that essence the best. Wearing ties vary by industry and many industries have done away with the tie altogether so we left that alone. While shoes may be a segment of interest down the line, socks are universal for men all across the globe. After personally testing numerous sock designs in our respective fields, we realized the feedback, reactions and interests expressed by men; specifically, in the US, affirmed the need. We decided to take this responsibility head on.


We threw away our black and blue socks and committed to implore others to do the same. Nevertheless, you do not present an issue without the solution. There you have it. SockClout. The rest is history. Be Bold.