Welcome Brother

The concept of SockClout has been stewing in the pot since 2007. The stew finally reached the consistency desired in 2015 and the ingredient that stands out among the rest is boldness. My family migrated from Jamaica with hopes for my siblings and I to have a life without limits. After earning my MBA and being promoted a handful of times in Corporate America, I realized what helped me and has helped so many others prevail. It was boldness, that x-factor, something different, yet unique and genuine to your natural brand. SockClout reflects this principle with each pair produced. Influences include the Caribbean, South Florida, Los Angeles, and Phoenix with a splash of Atlanta. The boring will be left behind and the bold….well…the bold, gets remembered. Don’t be forgotten. Be Bold.

The New Age

The cardinal rule for socks and pants are that they must match. A similar fundamental exists for shoes and belts. These are a couple of traditional approaches to men’s fashion. However, the time for change has arrived. Socks have grown beyond this box and now serve to accent any element worth emphasizing: a nice pair of glasses, sleek belt, dress shirt, polo or tie. The sock pulls it all together. In fact, the socks are the new tie. Compliment your brand and aspirations with the socks you wear. Each step you take is a statement. Be Bold with SockClout.